My current answer to “What do you do?”

Please let me know if you want to assist with any of the visions listed below. I am connected with many more, but these here are receiving my ongoing attention now.

Please feel free to share with me about a vision you’re advancing.

Look Inside Tulsa

Photographer & Tour Designer


Make reality accessible and truth familiar. Help local and regional businesses attract new customers from near and far.

What I am currently doing here:

  • Photographing, assembling, and publishing online, walk-through tours
  • Assisting clients with their tours and marketing goals
  • Driving. Always driving. Occasionally I take a photo.
  • Route planning, scheduling appointments, and internal office admin
  • Providing consultation and research on the VR industry to potential partners

Opportunities for partnership:

  • Request a tour for your place
  • Partner to provide tours for your clients
  • Partner on a VR R&D effort
  • Request a teacher/speaker for your organization
  • Help build this vision as a partner, contractor, or volunteer


Asbury UMC

Prayer Ministry Intercessor


Develop a lifestyle of prayer among all generations. Fuel the work of Asbury United Methodist Church in the community and world.

What I am currently doing here:

  • Praying for church leaders and members during Sunday morning service
  • Praying for local communities, nation, and world at evening prayer times
  • Planning church prayer initiatives with the prayer admin team
  • Providing pastoral prayer support
  • Connecting Tulsa-area churches with the “10 Days” and “Unite My City” prayer movements

Opportunities for partnership:

  • Come pray with us Sunday mornings
  • Adopt a time to intercede for others
  • Develop resources on implementing prayer
  • Join Asbury United Methodist Church
  • Help build this vision as a donor or volunteer


If the Kingdom is your business, and this website resonates with you, let’s…


I am Seeking

The following opportunities are helpful for real and current efforts right now to change lives.

If you know a servant of God with a heart for or active engagement with any of the following, please let me know, and I will report back how the referral resulted.

South Sudan & Uganda

Individuals & Orgs with a heart for the people of these two nations and Darfur, for Muslim evangelism, for suppressing the occult, or for ending civil war.

Funders & Senders

Individuals & Orgs seeking access to reputable ministers on the front lines of geographic and cultural battlegrounds. Get linked to leaders of Kingdom investments.


Motion Graphic Artist

An individual willing to partner to produce some compelling messages that need to be shared online pronto.

Personal Assistant/Data Intern

Individuals & Orgs aware of a person with the calling and capacity to help my wife and I in a helps ministry supporting a variety of causes on God's heart.


Prophetic Painters & Illustrators

There is a gap in current creation of genuine visual representation of what the Holy Spirit is showing the church, and this gift needs to be supported for upcoming works. 

Organization Builders

Individuals & Orgs with a capacity to organize people, systems, and resources around a Kingdom vision.

Filmmaking & Visual Storytelling

Individuals & Orgs who are engaged in producing quality works of visual storytelling art by the power of God. These artists need funding, connections, prayer, and promotion.

UMC History Experts

Individuals willing to answer questions and point to resources to ensure accurate assertions about United Methodist Church history.

Card Game Production

Individuals & Orgs with abilities or experience producing trading card games or collectible card games.

Systems Recommendations

Individuals & Orgs with solid recommendations of current software or workflows so I don't have to reinvent wheels on... 1) online photo libraries, 2) keeping data synced off Google, etc.

Prayer Movements

Individuals & Orgs with abilities or experience increasing prayerfulness among believers and unifying cities through interdenominational prayer.


Individuals & Orgs who understand that the fundamental answer to political and social issues today is a need for developing strong leaders called to reform institutions.

Please choose your way to follow:

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7380 S Olympia Ave, #306

Tulsa, OK, United States of America