In these messages, I am addressing followers of Jesus who have stated publicly that voting for Trump is morally evil, or at best a very bad idea. I’m not going to make a secular humanist argument, so if a Christian worldview is not your lenses on life at this moment, then some points here may not appeal to you. I am directly addressing, however, Christians whose faith I uphold and who are saying we must stop Trump from becoming president, whether applying the “decency test,” or “because¬†he divides us,” “is not a Christian,” “demonstrates unbiblical character,” “exemplifies pride,” “resembles Hitler’s rise to power,” and so “we shouldn’t¬†sacrifice integrity for mob rule principle.”

Expectedly, the anti-Christian crowd loves to publish Christian reasons why Christians shouldn’t vote for Trump and are working to unify Christian adherents against him. Try asking, “When else has this voice/organization/news source before supported the public influence of Christian principles?” The typical answer: only when doing so diminishes the church. Watch out whenever those tearing down the church’s voice in the public square suddenly ally themselves with a cause of the church: in every instance when we latch on to the newfound friendship, the church loses.