There is a distinction between the moral and the technical reasons spoken for not supporting Trump. As of the time of this writing after the Republican convention, the technical reasons (boil down to “Why nominate the weakest potential candidate in a winnable election against Hillary Clinton?”) are either moot or proved incorrect.

There remains a moral case against supporting Trump that is dividing the Christian voice in America concerning the best way to advance our nation in the opportunity afforded by this election.

From the outset, we must identify that there is a distinct difference of criteria among followers of Christ who “vote by character” (Who best demonstrates and would govern by true values?) and those who “vote by providence” (Who is God lifting up so I can align with what He’s doing, and/or who is the devil supporting that I need to resist?). I know that we must have some agreement on wise criteria for Christians giving political support before we can discuss the merits of particular candidates.

One of my  friends recently asked, “Can someone please explain how Trump is the ‘Christian’ choice based on his own merits, and not based on ‘the ends justify the means’ rhetoric?” Good question. If Christians are to have a unified voice in this election, which I believe is imperative, then there must be a clear paradigm to advance the good of the nation by the power of God that doesn’t require a follower of Christ to hold his nose or check his conscience at the front door. We need to hear from God and get on the same page with Him.

The following links share helpful thoughts that aren’t often spoken yet in the conversations I’m hearing. My hope is to write and collect links here that reveal a fuller picture of what God is doing in this distinctive election. Some articles will link to further articles. Many points I’ll be writing aren’t backed up by written substantiation yet, but they are supported by reality. Call me out on those gaps; let’s discuss and grow this mini library to foster a healthy Christian consensus during this election.

In this election, as well as with all cultural interactions the church encounters, being divided about doing something or being unified in doing nothing both result in defeat.

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For those leery of a Trump presidency, please name one specific horror that Trump could wreak that our federal government hasn’t already wrought recently (say, the last 15 years or so). Any. Let’s discuss.