In many election cycles we’ve heard opinions from all sides saying this time, the election is about whether or not we’re going to continue driving off the cliff where America is headed toward ruin. Will people make the right choice and put on the brakes, or will be continue careening on toward oblivion and costly destruction?

As of this writing, American cities are not in ruin, most people were able to buy food today, and life expectancy is still more than double than it was at our founding (this generation may be the first in America to live less long than our parents, but that topic’s for another post). We can agree that we have not hit the bottom of the canyon. Many people are in deep pain today, but that pain is not yet universal.

Are these voices wrong? Is the US headed toward irreversible consequences? Or are people raising fears to achieve an undisclosed end?

America, where are we today?

Today the entire foundation and functioning of our civilization is already off the cliff, in complete freefall. We’re already past the point of no return. Within our own power and faculties as a people, there is nothing we can do without God to even slow down the fall.

Every institution that built up our society is actively tearing it down from the inside, or has been beaten into inconsequence. The American people are running out of levers to make change peacefully, and most who know what needs to be done have lost hope that our best days could be ahead of us.

Newtonian physics shows us that in a typical freefall, an object accelerates along the course until sudden resistance is found. For example, our national debt piles generates interest charges today larger than entire earlier federal budgets. This one area of freefall is well past the $100,000+ needed from every household to dig out of. Do you have a spare $100k lying around? Half of Americans can’t pony up $400 to pay for an emergency. Even if you could spare $100k, would every single family you know be able to spare the same?

The US will soon hit a point of necessary economic correction concerning our debt. Economic behavior is human behavior, so it is not scientifically predictable. But there is a point when trust in US currency is lost among our debtors. When we reach that point (not if), we will economically hit the ground, and everything we deem normal will change in a day. Some economists think that point will be a US debt of $21 trillion. Will that time come this year? We’re at $19 trillion now, plus $100+ trillion of unfunded commitments when considering just the next 20 years and state and local government debts. The feds rosily predict $30 trillion debt in ten years. Through our elected representational government, we’re not able to control our spending, we’re not able to even keep a debt limit, and – finally – we’re not even able to agree that this issue merits serious, fair discussion as a nation.

At what point in our civilization is there a mechanism to face reality willingly and productively before hitting reality forcefully? Is the church willing for judgment to begin with us? Am I personally willing to do what I must?

As we’re in total freefall, unable to see the bottom below (as we’re coming from such a height, and the future is foggy), our eyes spot a ledge and tree root we might be able to grab. If we can get out of the car we drove off here and grab that thing nearby, maybe we won’t die. I believe that tree root and ledge is what election 2016 is about.

I believe that tree root and ledge is what election 2016 is about. God has provided a way to get off this free-fall.

Will we choose this November to take hold of our roots and stop this madness? Or will we fear failure, or deny the falling, or hate to leave the relative comfort and safety of the car we’re used to, plunging to certain death as it is. It’s risky, but there’s only one thread of hope to grab hold of and may live another day to consider our next options after the dust clears. It’s not a pretty fix, but it’s all we’ve likely got.

Election 2016 is about doing grabbing the root and getting back on a firm foundation. Grab hold of this one opportunity.

Why do people fear Trump? The worst things I’ve heard he could do are already happening. We’re living in those hellish conditions now! They’re just lying under the surface, looking polite, so we won’t take notice and kick them out. But we’re living in them already.


For those leery of a Trump presidency, please name one specific horror that Trump could wreak that our federal government hasn’t already wrought recently (say, the last 15 years or so). Any. Let’s discuss.