There is a lie circulating in Christian circles concerning competency that seeks to prevent support for Trump. It boils down to the idea that Trump would bring unnecessary harm to the country through “incompetence” – a special blend of brutishly insulting partners and making rash decisions that prevent reception of more subtle solutions. I just came across a good articulation of this lie from a fellow believer:

“I want to vote for a president that won’t destroy this country but I don’t believe we have one in either. Donald can take us down with his rash and “brutish” decisions and Hillary can bring us down by destroying the institution of family and life as ordained by God.”

Tearing down the institution of family – whether by Trump or Clinton, it does not matter by whom – will certainly bring down a civilization. History proves this fact over and over, and a deep view of any of the sociological sciences (economics, etc.) will demonstrate the truth that the health of the family unit makes or breaks a society. So we already know a vote for Clinton is out of the question for any follower of Christ.

But can a man’s temperament bring down the US?

In a word, NO. Our society is more than our government, more than our economy, and more than even the precise health of the church. Sure, a total breakdown in any one sphere brings great catastrophe, but it doesn’t spell the end of the whole story, and God can rebuild much. There are so many layers and “checks and balances” within and outside our government sphere that one man’s rash decisions – even with nuclear weapons (which, by the way, is not just one man’s choice to use) – cannot destroy the fabric of our society alone.

If Trump were to make horrible decisions, he can be impeached, and the Democrats and many prominent Republicans in Congress would be all to happy to help the process. Yes, there would be a little damage, but nothing permanent. Worse is the president who can’t be impeached for impeachable offenses, as we have endured for the last 8 years. That man is the worse to be feared. Do you think Hillary could be impeached for making terrible decisions? She’s already “too big to jail.” Do you think any portion of Congress would follow their responsibility to represent the good of the people and uphold the Constitution by impeaching her for breaking her sacred oaths? No, they would not, and so this fear of “brutish” decisions should be laid on Clinton, not Trump, because she stands in a position of unaccountability.

No, the best way to bring down the US is and always has been from the inside, and by calculated competency at that. Slow-moving, polite, yet uncompromising and unashamed encroachment on everything good that has made us America, which we have witnessed for decades and has accelerated to operate openly… that competency is precisely what can bring this nation down.

Take any random citizen from the US, make him/her POTUS regardless of professional ability, and you’ll have an alternative far less harmful to the nation than Obama or Clinton (unless, of course, this random person succumbs to the hidden voices and agendas that control Obama and Clinton). There would be an instant peace, stability, and growth of the nation if an average joe with the gumption to not be controlled by globalist/socialist/islamist agendas were sitting in the White House.

Anyone can do us better than Clinton regardless of temperament precisely because Clinton is so competent at tearing us down.

And surely after all the force and abuse Trump has withstood on behalf of the nation, not for his own interests, surely he’s much better proved than any random joe.

Finally, if Trump is indeed rash and brutish to the core, then how does he have 5 children who love him? How can one explain that, after 3 wives, Trump has a healthy, successful, close-knit family where he has been the only common link if a “rash and brutish” personality is who he is? No, somewhere inside the real man has a high degree of natural goodness, kindness, and faithfulness that are required in a healthy family. How many gentle and calm fathers do you know who have estranged children today? Too many – it’s a common occurrence and a minor miracle that Trump’s family is as unified as it is.

Do not receive your facts or your perspective on who Trump is from media commentary. Their job is to paint an inaccurate picture and bend the truth to their preference.

No, dear Christian, this lie must be put to rest. Reject, repent of it, and pray for and receive God’s truth regarding the matter.


Among the approximately 3,237 people mentioned by name in the Bible, try counting the number of rash, brutish people God used to advance His purposes. Now count the number of rash, brutish people in the Bible who set God’s purposes back. See which number is higher. Share your insight with your friends.