Today marks 60 days until the election, and for a while I have planned to pray and fast in some form for 40 days leading up to Nov. 8. While of course we want to pray for a safe, orderly, and truthful election this year, I believe the burden onĀ God’s heart at this season is to pray for his bride to wake up, to pray, to unify, and to abide in Him to learn and fulfill our divine assignments throughout our culture right now. This season is not a time to wait for God to move – He’s moving. It’s a time to step into what God is already doing. Do you not perceive it?

If you want to fast for 40 days, I think the dates are Sept. 30-Nov.8. Normally I fast in secret, but I believe this particular fast is beneficial to share publicly. I invite anyone to fast with me, from any area or denomination (the more variety the better!). Ask God what to fast from. For me, I am going to fast from eating food of any kind, from dinner on Sept. 29 to dinner on Nov. 8. I’m not sure on the particulars of what liquids I will drink yet, but I’m set on these dates and think it’s time to share so anyone reading these words has some time to prepare mentally and schedule-wise for a 40-day fast. This election is approaching quickly.