Original post:

Trump is to Christianity and Judaism as Obama is to Islam.

After responses, then the following expansion/clarification:

“There’s a lot of directions people can take this statement, but I believe it’s true in several senses. I’m curious what others people might take.

Trump is not a practicing Christian or Jew, just as Obama is not a practicing Muslim. Trump is a Judeo-Christian sympathizer, and Obama an Islamic sympathizer. Obama now has a solid 8-yr record of doing things that don’t always make sense, even to his most ardent supporters, but one of the strongest patterns of rational policy and symbolic acts Obama has executed is promoting Islamic eventual occupation of western civilization at every moment he perceives he can get away with it.

Trump has practicing Christians and Jews in his direct family, and no Muslims. Obama has practicing Muslims in his family, and no Christians or Jews. Trump comes from a Christian family line and was given a Bible by his mother, which he has kept and used. For Obama, it’s a Quran. Trump is more comfortable speaking honestly with Christian and Jewish leaders around the world about important issues, Obama with Muslims. Trump personally enjoys the cultural expressions and art of Judeo-Christian culture; Obama prefers Islamic (or atheistic, which I’m not addressing in this statement; just covering recognized religious worldviews at this point). Obama said the Islamic call to prayer is the most beautiful sound he has ever heard. Trump bows to some Christian leaders and allows them to pray for him, but not Islamic ones; Obama bows to some Muslim leaders, but not Christian ones.

The point of this simple statement, “Trump is to Christianity and Judaism as Obama is to Islam,” is to wake up Christians to wise up and see what’s good for the beliefs they claim to have. The spirit and culture of Islam is very shrewd concerning issues of power and civilizational advancement. Christians in America seem more concerned with our own current comfort, rather than actually helping people know Jesus Christ in the public square where they actually live life. Islam knows instinctively who is on their side and votes and supports accordingly; whereas American Christians and Jews now are divided concerning support for Trump.

If you want to see the Judeo-Christian values and policies advanced in the presidency over the next four years, please vote for Trump.

Clinton is not Obama, but she too is wholeheartedly devoted to the global Islamic agenda and would continue the same direction as Obama, and continue to place radical Muslims in positions of leadership determining our economic, social, immigration, and security policies. Trump would appoint Americans immersed in and favorable toward American interests first, rather than foreign interests.”

To which there was this thoughtful reply:

“You say ‘Christians in America seem more concerned with our own current comfort,’ implying that this is NOT what Christians should be seeking. I agree wholeheartedly! However, you then encourage Christians to seek to put America first, Christians first, self first. Let me remind us that Christianity is not self-serving. It is not an American religion. It is not a caucasian religion. It is not a man’s religion. It is the following of Jesus Christ, evidenced by the fruits of the spirit (Galatians 5:13-26) (and you can find a description of the man you seek to defend in verses 19-21). Jesus consistently included the outsider and transformed individuals. He did not seek to put Jews first, Israel first, and certainly did not value His own personal safety, comfort, and glory over everything else. He sought to bring glory to God, who so loved THE WHOLE WORLD, NOT AMERICA, that he sent his Son (John 3:16).

I am not saying saying the candidate you endorse is the only one who doesn’t display all Christian values. But I am saying that he IS the only one who doesn’t display ANY Christian values. And I cannot take seriously the idea that he would somehow promote these values in office, when he has done so little to display them in the 70 years he has spent on Earth thus far.”

My response:

Hi, [name redacted]! I agree with almost everything you’ve said, and I apologize if my words imply a contrasting message. I’ve also loved reading some of the amazing things you’ve been doing over the years and feel a kinship in our lifestyles. I think we’ll have lots of great stories to share.

I did not mean to communicate that Christians should put our own first, but our passion is for Christ alone and not ourselves or our nation. If we as followers of Jesus espouse Judeo-Christian values as what is best for the world and each life in it, and God has given us the opportunity to choose our “Guards for future security” (as the Declaration of Independence puts it), then we should take the opportunity to support a candidate who opens the door for Christian influence in the government, rather than the one who will gladly continue to oversee its decline. Civilizations belong to those groups who believe that what they believe is really real.

There’s a lot of genuine wiggle room of Christian responses to surrounding cultures, some which are more assertive than others, but I think that’s a distinct issue from what I’m intending in this thread. I guess I’m speaking to the many Christians who have already desired a strongly assertive Christian man or woman in the White House, who personally models Christian virtues, protects life, God-given rights and freedoms protected in our rule of law, honors the sacrifices of the military, police, teachers, etc. and a whole laundry list of policies and symbolic acts that reflect and honor a Christian way of life that has often been lifted up (even if not followed!) in the office of the presidency. And they don’t see that kind of leadership in Trump, and that’s understandable.

My message to these Christians who want an assertive Christianity in the White House and have prayed for God to miraculously to turn the direction of the USA in some way that involves the presidency, who may have been excited by an alternative such as Ted Cruz is… don’t look at the man some set of unusual and non-coincidental events have placed before you as the alternative to the status quo decline of the voice – and practice – of Christianity in America accelerated by Obama and continued by Clinton, but look at what God and the enemy are doing. Look at God, not at the man. Why are these unusual circumstances happening, and of all the options available which way forward (for God always gives believers a way forward, even in countries with persecution) advances what I know of God’s interests in the public square?

A compliment I have to acknowledge of the spirit of Islam is the instinctive political shrewdness to know “who’s their man” who will advance their way of life governmentally, even if particular candidates on the surface seem to dishonor Islamic values. They still move in a relatively united front. However, Christians shoot their own man (or woman), for much the same reasons many rejected Jesus when He came in a package they didn’t expect. Their eyes (and ours) were too accustomed to look at the man, not what God was doing. We should be provoked to Godly jealousy by followers of Allah by the way they don’t shoot themselves in the foot when it comes to power and long-term advancement of their values in the public square, even when the
way forward is quite subtle and unexpected.

Nearly 100% of the criticisms against Trump are because of who he is, not because of what would happen if he were in office. I hear people saying, “Ah…!” but keep in mind that all the “If Trump is elected, then ___ disaster will happen…” arguments are rooted in the logic that because Trump is bigoted, bombastic, brutish, or whatever the critiques are, THEN these negative effects will happen. Very few people who ignore the personality of the man actaully believe his policies and the kinds of people he would appoint would be harmful to the country. Rare is the viewpoint that says, “You know, I believe Trump is an accomplished businessman, with an outsider appeal, who has strongly accomplished and devoted children – which is rare even among Christian fmailies these days; he’s run an honest campaign, and obviously proven a high level of adaptability through some of the toughest obstacles in running for president that a person can endure, and brought more change to politics than any other person in a half century, even though it’s not his expertise, but, you know, I just think that his election would be harmful to American’s future because ____.” THAT viewpoint is rare, and that’s because people naturally look at the man than to God, to seen things rather than unseen, and there are strong forces in the culture and the media designed to keep our gaze at the man. We do the same as with Hillary, trained to look at the outside, at the polish, the biography, or whatever, instead of the heart/motivation/agenda/who’s actually backing her and what would happen should she be elected. My criticism of Hillary is not of her personally, but of what her administration would do.

Concerning display of Christian values, there’s an absence in Trump of many of them, but I have observed throughout 2015 and 2016 that Trump has demonstrated a great amount of honesty and transparency that is markedly different than the other Republican and Democratic candidates, with the exception of maybe Bernie Sanders, who was also honestly himself for most of the campaign, except some actions he’s taken since then in opposition to his stated values. But I think Bernie’s authenticity was one of his main appeals to people right now who are tired of the duplicity we hear from the ruling class. That quality is a small one in light of all the things we could talk about, but it’s exciting to see this level of honesty in a candidate.

I’m not voting for a candidate based on their modelling of Christian values, but on the effect they’ll have on the country and the world. People can vote for different reasons, and we have to define criteria before we can persuade one another. Obama demonstrates some good values and presents a good package, but the substance has harmed millions of people significantly. I wouldn’t expect Trump to present as good of values perhaps as Obama, but I would expect him to enact better policies and open the way for better leadership from a host of a different pool of people being tapped for promotion.