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[name redacted], these are great questions. I’m going to try to reply succinctly, partly because I only have a little time now.
The Qs on the table are: “1.why I should vote for him? 2. What is his plan to run the country?” I’m going to start with #2, because #1 is a fruit of discussions had. Please keep in mind that many of these statements rely on facts and worldview assumptions that are separate discussions in their own right, and defensible.
2. Donald J. Trump has stated some specifics about how he would run the country, but the truth is no one knows exactly what he would do with a myriad of issues, because to be honest the man naturally doesn’t know what he’ll even do tomorrow in many cases. In personality, he’s the very opposite of the calculating Ted Cruz, who has planned his moves years in advance and follows them with perfect precision and discipline. Trump is unpredictable and makes many important decisions from his gut, which has worked for him in business and so far in this election against all odds. Additionally, Trump speaks in exaggerated points in order to improve his future negotiating positions. You can read about it in The Art of the Deal. Trump’s actual actions are quite measured, balanced, thoughtful, and fruitful over the long term, though his persona is intentionally larger-than-life.
So what do we know? We know that Trump speaks spontaneously from his gut what he really thinks, so if there is a long pattern of saying, for example, “We’re going to build a wall,” then we know that as president, he will advocate generally for security-first immigration measures, [as opposed to the general consensus of both Democrat and Republican lawmakers that “comprehensive immigration reform” is needed, which is publicly stated as “Let’s make the border secure and add extra measures on employers for immigration security while at the same time create a path to citizenship,” but in actual fact it would be amnesty only, because only the path to citizenship would be aggressively pursued once legislation passed, but the security measures would be ignored (which is what happened in the 80s and is one of the major reasons we have millions of illegal aliens here today, which is not good for American OR for the aliens, who should be honored by living in a healthy rule of law in one country or another)].
Almost all politicians speak duplicitously, saying one thing to get or stay elected, but having an allegiance to a different agenda. We could cite many examples with Hillary, and one helpful factor this election cycle is that we have hard email evidence of the disdain Hillary has in real life for everyday Americans. But America keeps falling for this duplicitous speech, and our media does not investigate into it because they have a vested interest in keeping the status quo. For those who know the speech of politicians is duplicitous, we rarely have an honest candidate step up and run so we can actually vote for a better option! For people who are aware, Trump is a refreshing choice to have.
So, with Hillary, on almost any issue, you can ask me, and I can tell you what she would likely do on that issue. She’s prepared for this time for her whole life and will passionately pursue an agenda that is set in stone, written decades ago, and following an intentional playbook to “fundamentally transform America.” I can’t predict like that with Trump, and he’s the most adaptable, flexible candidate to whatever situations arise (such as looming military conflict with Russia or complete currency reset/financial instability coming out of China, etc.) but we can know what the man honestly believes on several issues he repeats frequently. It would take me some time to list these one by one. Probably the best place to go is Trump’s extemporaneous 1.5-hr acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. When you speak from your heart for that long, typically the truth of what a person actually intends to do comes out.
The foundation of Trump’s message is that Americans have not been represented by our federal government for a long time (by both parties), the situation is becoming worse, and it’s not that difficult to solve many of these problems politicians have been “solving” for decades if we have some leadership that simply upholds general American public interests first instead of those of an elite class or foreign interests. American workers have been let down by trade deals that need to be re-negotiated by smart people looking out to keep good jobs here. American military members have been used as pawns in unnecessary wars that benefit only a few people, laying their lives on the line, and veterans have been disrespected, so let’s only get into conflicts that clearly defend our public interest of ALL Americans, and honor our vets. Our inner cities are crying out for reforms but only getting regulations that make matters worse, so let’s defend people of all races seeking justice and provide genuine opportunities for people to make it out of poverty and stay out, such as the option to choose to go to better schools. That’s in a nutshell what “Make America Great Again” means, and how Trump would run the country. His purpose is to stand up for what has not been stood up for, and replace lifelong bureaucrats sucking off the prosperity of the American people and who are closing the door to anyone else trying to follow, with a new criteria for public service being one of competence and allegiance to the American people first, rather than to a ruling class agenda.
The most important single article I believe every American must read before voting is this one: ( It’s long, and I work multiple jobs, so I honestly had to read it over multiple days, say, while sitting on the toilet (let’s be real). But I can’t stress enough how clearly this article in non-partisan ways lays out the real situation in American most people aren’t aware of. It’s hard to see what kind of president we need right now, if we don’t know where we are as a country, right? The article is written in 2010 I think, but it’s SO relevant to this month. THIS MONTH we have something we can actually do to improve it. [edit: THIS MONTH is the only option we likely have to make a real change at the presidential level outside of complete civilizational collapse.]
If I could summarize how people are really lining up to vote this year, I believe it’s not by party lines, which many people, especially the younger generations, are tired of. For the first time, we’re going to have millions of Democrats voting for Trump (especially Bernie supporters looking for an authentic candidate) and millions of Republicans voting for Clinton (especially “country club Republicans” looking to protect the status quo or regular people on the street preferring someone not offensive). So if people aren’t voting by party, which way is it?
I propose that people are voting based on how dire they believe the current situation is. Those who are more alarmed by the direction America is going are generally voting for Trump, whereas those who would like to correct some problems of the past and present are generally voting for Clinton. People just have this sense in their gut, so you have very diverse support groups voting for both candidates. More African Americans and Hispanics are planning to vote for Trump than any previous Republican candidate. Yes, you read that right. It’s because they’re alarmed by the direction of the country and want to build better opportunities for their families, so they’re willing to cross party lines, DESPITE what the media falsely drums up that Trump and his supporters hate minorities, immigrants, and foreign people. Nothing is further from the truth. Clinton is on record disdaining these groups (except foreigners, to my knowledge). Ok, that’s a digression… But you see these odd images of all racial groups, all education levels, coming together to support both Clinton and Trump, which is remarkable. Many people are surprised that I would support Trump because they regard me as highly educated, compassionate, and Christian. I say it’s because of these traits that I support Trump. There’s a lot of misinformation about him that we need to unplug ourselves from. Go to one of his rallies in person. Listen to a full speech unedited without commentary. It’s a very different picture.
That’s my summary of how Trump would try to run the country (obviously there would be opposition forces, so honestly even people who think they would personally lose in a Trump presidency wouldn’t be all that affected).
Question 1: Let’s answer by saying why I am voting for Trump instead of telling you why you should vote for him.
1. Representation: Trump is the first presidential candidate in my lifetime looking out for my interests as a little guy without extra money, clout, or a desire to plug myself into the government system of values in order to provide for my family. It’s not just about Hillary, but also the Bushes, Obama, Romney, McCain, etc. They all, when it comes down to actual conflict and priorities, place themselves and foreign interests first.
2. Passion: Trump fights. America needs a fighter. For example, I cheered in 2005 when Bush strongly proposed MERELY GIVING THE OPTION of private Social Security accounts for young people, so what we put in, we could pull out years later. No changes to the current structure for older people, yet the Democrats and media howled that Bush wanted to push Granny over a cliff, and Bush didn’t even speak a peep of defense. The idea, which was the centerpiece of his State of the Union speech, died, and over a decade later I live in the reality of knowing I will never, ever see a penny of the money I put in. I consider it a tax, and it’s already been spent down the toilet. So, America needs a president willing to FIGHT against the powers that be, because they won’t let go.
3. God: I think any fair-minded observer of previous American presidential elections and this one would say that the movement behind Trump and the fact that he has made it to the top of the Republican ticket is not natural. (yes, that can be debated, but it’s a separate discussion). Obama’s wasn’t natural either, but that’s a past phenomenon. I’m just saying this isn’t a Trump-only situation. So, if it’s not by man, not by might, that Trump is where he is, then we have to ask ourselves, is Trump being propped by a Godly or Satanic agenda? Ask God this question. Discern the spirits. I, for one, believe that God is actively raising up Trump, and I can guess at reasons why, and on a few points, I know why. This discussion requires more time, but it’s the leading reason why I voted for Trump in the primary, even though it didn’t make complete logical sense at the time. In my mind, I wanted to vote for a different candidate, but I knew God was working in Trump, and I didn’t know he would win the nomination, but I wanted to align myself with what God is doing. Am I giving a blind, “Well God says Trump is going to be president!” statement that people malign so much because they know people attempt to put God’s name on their own personal preference? Am I doing that? Hell, no. My spirit is fully alive, my eyes are open, and my mind is active. And Trump wasn’t my first choice. So don’t take the discussion there. There’s too little time to talk about what really matters. (people who know me know I never use harsh language, but I mean that statement that that attitude is from the pit of somewhere not good, and that’s not the discussion I’m having when I bring God into the mix of why I’m voting for Trump). [Edit: God is making Himself a factor in this election – I’m not.]
4. Issues: Trump has shown the strongest capacity yet of moving the Overton Window (look that up if needed, a very useful term for a concept that affects our lives, and I’m short on time) in the direction it needs to go. On most issues, and especially the core ones, I agree with him, not because it benefits me personally, but because it benefits America at large, AND the world. Some people accuse me of being America-only, or putting the nation above God’s heart. I spend a great portion of my working life serving foreigners with the Gospel and practical aid, and brought great stress to my financial life and marriage for doing so. So let’s not go there either. Keep to the point. Again, we could have countless discussions on individual issues. For Christians, keep in mind that the Republican party platform on abortion moved much more toward protecting life under a Trump administration than our previous candidates.
Has anyone noticed that I haven’t brought in the Clinton factor yet? These are some of my reasons for being enthusiastic about Trump. Yes, many are voting for Trump simply because they don’t want Clinton in the White House. That’s well and good. Having her on the ballot is reason enough to elect my next door neighbor president! It doesn’t matter who is running against her – vote for that person! But I haven’t even had to mention her name yet for why I’m voting for Trump. Trump has so many positives, for me, this election is clear, and the mudslinging is the wrong discussion.
There’s more to say, but I need to go. Please read this article over the next few days:
Blessings to you all!