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The UMC Must Initiate Open Warfare: A Warning

by | Jun 3, 2018 | Featured, Leadership, Spiritual Warfare, UMC Renewal | 0 comments

This word came to me over three years ago while present in a Methodist Church:

The Lord and His people will win the war in the end. But the sooner there is open warfare between light and darkness, the better the battle will go for the light.

This universal principle applies generally, but the word was inititally meant to wake up the church to initiate open warfare across all of America, western civilization, and the whole world, really. There is a worldwide tide of darkness infiltrating every “safe” Christian territory, and it’s time to expose it through conflict. Darkness wins by obtaining positions of power quietly, unseen. It doesn’t like to fight openly when it is in the weaker position, then like a thief in the night. it takes your life mercilessly. Please prayerfully consider your own response to the following word written three years ago and how you can engage in the current renewal of the UMC: