Repent, Pray, and Stand for the UMC

No matter your position of influence in the United Methodist Church, your hope in Christ is needed now.

What Does it Take for God to Muster You?

by | Jun 3, 2018 | Leadership, Spiritual Warfare, UMC Renewal | 0 comments

There is a very real war occurring now that risks very real lives, yet most of the church is asleep and unaware. Masses of the laity are kept from this knowledge by retreating traditionalist leaders for fear that their congregations might just get frustrated and leave. How shortsighted! If the laity is dead – marriages breaking, children leaving the life of the church, theology twisted by the larger culture, prayerlessness practiced and modeled, etc. – how supportive will they be of your precious programs?

Your congregations are being more disicpled¬†today by the progressives in and outside the church than by the Word of God you’re not allowing to apply Itself to current events and individual people.

We must be mustered into this war. We were born in it, and we’ll have to fight it until some generation of Christians finally arises to passionately do something about it. God must accomplish something different in each of us to know there is a war and to be called to enlist. Have you heard from God what is the next act of obedience He needs to finish this process in you?

Please prayerfully consider your own response to the following word written 3 1/2 years ago about the situation generally in America, but is still applicable to the UMC today: