Just as the coronavirus pandemic was thrown under the bus for the riots, so too these riots will be thrown under the bus for a third unprecedented chaotic situation. The people who create these situations are using them as a delivery mechanism for a larger attack. Each stage fulfills some objectives in their war on civilization, but they will quickly toss aside the whole cause and narrative they so carefully built up, in order to achieve the objective they have to have.

All the fear created around a virus that was not more lethal than most others – the resources, planning, secret meetings, orders, and coordination it took to pull off the global shutdowns which had never been attempted before in human history – all that work has done most of its job, and now the time has come to bring in the next phase, EVEN IF it means destroying the work they implemented just a few months ago.

Just yesterday WHO declared that the central “scientific” tenet of quarantining healthy populations instead of just the symptomatic, that the whole thing was untrue (supposedly, they “just” learned this): https://www.cnbc.com/2020/06/08/asymptomatic-coronavirus-patients-arent-spreading-new-infections-who-says.html

Also yesterday more strong evidence was published that the virus began in the Wuhan region in September, showing up in the population’s changed behavior by October (this changes the narrative that the virus transferred to humans in November, which was a date that was needed to justify government shutdown policies as well): https://abcnews.go.com/International/satellite-data-suggests-coronavirus-hit-china-earlier-researchers/story?id=71123270

The Phase 2 release of the spirit of hatred was a plan started in March 2013, but the coordination of this level of lethality and damage was a plan not given the green light until certain conditions were met, which the pandemic shutdowns provided. Piggybacking off Covid, the riots have a stronger effect on small businesses, are larger and more passionate because of the economic tensions of the last 3 months, but the main primary target of this particular offensive is the replacement of day-to-day police officers and their culture with a different civil police force with more allegiance to the progressive/communist ideology that funds and authorizes it. There is another parallel offensive wanting to the do the same with the military. The progressives/communists own a portion of the leadership of both local police forces and the military and are using abuses of leadership as moral pretext to replace the healthy officers in both forces (but you can watch that the leadership won’t change in the shakeups, if they get their way).

Now, here’s a prediction: maybe as soon as July, but definitely by August, all the moral outrage about black lives mattering and racial justice will QUICKLY be forgotten by the press, celebrities, Democrats, and cultural elites. Black lives matter to me, but not to these people who lie and signal their virtue at such great lengths exclusively for a political purpose. Why race matters to them now when it didn’t ten years ago is an interesting question. Watch how the issue just goes away this summer, replaced by a third massive plan for societal breakdown.

The first plan used a spirit of fear for political objectives, and the second a spirit of hatred. I think the third wave will have something to do with a spirit of greed to get the people to do what they want them to do. I personally think it will have something to do with currency manipulation, but I’m not sure about that. Confiscating personal and business funds from banks (not allowing withdrawals) is certainly on the table. Whatever it is will involve banking and trading. I think that might be happening by August, maybe as soon as July, because it’s needed to perform its intended effect before the November 3 election.

This is how evil people fight for an election when they can’t openly debate actual issues and offer solutions that would work. But this isn’t just about an election for them, because these tactics are civilizational change tactics, thought up over a generation ago and pursued passionately for a long time by a small group of committed people. These are communist revolutionary tactics – like what was done throughout Asia last century leading to the deaths of countless millions of people. That’s what they’re doing now in the United States; this is what history in the making looks like. Their timing is forced by other events to be playing their hand this early because more “subtle” methods to oust Trump since 2016 haven’t worked.

This war is about mere politics or what Trump represents culturally, though that’s a necessary piece in their war to not only get rid of Trump politically, but to do it in a certain WAY that they can spin to their liking (that’s why there haven’t been more assassination attempts against him). No, these people are thinking way past Trump, and they were planning these things before they ever heard of Trump. It’s way past time for Trump’s supporters to being thinking and LIVING long term too: fight for this election, sure, but also fight to OWN this culture and this nation that is created to be a blessing to the whole world. What’s your 1,000 year plan? The enemy of your soul has one for you, but God’s will prevail for you when you choose Him instead of this other noisy agenda.

When the enemy of truth, America, the Constitution, Judeo-Christian values, and ultimately God is busily tossing aside his own causes and people, then it’s time to wake up. These are not the attacks of an enemy who is skirmishing at the edges to plan a future attack – this IS a real attack. He’s got a bigger one planned for a little later, but if this one works, eh, he’ll take it. It’s like when Hillary Clinton was supposed to be president in 2008 – they tried this no-name Obama guy they were preparing for fundamental transformation of America later on to see how people might respond to him now, and boom – he ended up beating Hillary for the nomination and became president sooner than his handlers had hoped.

Don’t let that happen now with their plan to USURP the authority of the American people and the unique blend of form and freedom we have inherited at a high price. That’s their whole plan, to become your rulers, no matter how many black lives, seniors’ lives, immigrants’ lives, or whoever’s lives they have to kill to get to the top. Power is their religion, and there’s no negotiation with that spirit. We’ve learned all those lessons already from history at a terrible price (some of us have) – who you can and cannot negotiate with in good faith. No, this war must be won with intentional victory.

Some suggestions of what the average person can do:

1. First, always pray. Pray for our leaders, of any party, and non-government leaders in business, education, media, etc. They need God’s help right now, and their decisions affect everyone.

2. Repent on behalf of yourself, your family, and this nation (Daniel 9).

3. Get on God’s side, whatever that looks like for you. The particulars look different for different people. Be ready with fresh oil from intimacy with Him (Matthew 25).

4. Love people with God’s love, not the weaponized compassion attempting to usher in a new demonic religion on a wide scale. If it’s hard to tell the difference, ask God for help seeing it. It’s a huge topic. For starters, real love has nothing to do with guilt (there’s no relation between the two). Usually (but not necessarily), real love comes from those who AREN’T experiencing guilt or shame. Love is something the shameless do. Humility is very different than shame. Humility has a congruent relationship with confidence.

5. Pray for the Holy Spirit to wake up others around you. You can’t do it in your own power.

6. Continue to always have reasons ready to articulate for the hope that you have.

7. Continue with greater speed on your mission from God, do not let up. (Nehemiah 4). If you need help clarifying God’s actual calling on your life, check out lifeyounique.com, and I can help you work through those tools.

8. Get active in all the political primaries you can – elections are determined at the primary level, getting the right candidates up on the main ballot. Research and speak up for the best people in your district.

9. Live lifestyles of holiness, separation from the Babylon system, and of peacefully blessing the people around you. We will win with our prayers, our words, and our lifestyles. A people who can govern themselves personally can govern themselves nationally.