Abbreviated Bio

The Kingdom is my business. Here’s why.

A guiding conceit

When it first dawned on me that people were capable of evil, my seven-year-old self thought, “Well, people are basically good. If they only knew the truth of everything, then they wouldn’t do wrong things. The problem is that some people say, ‘such-and-such is right,’ and others say, ‘No, this other such-and-such is right.’ If I can figure out the whole truth of everything – what is really true – then I can help people treat each other better and avoid harming others myself.” That experience exposed a passion to discover and share the whole truth that has guided my career and service.

From that moment I no longer tolerated being in the dark on any universal matter I encountered, and I explored nearly everything available. Sometimes the philosophies that didn’t seem to offer much promise or that disagreed with my instincts at the time turned out to hold water the best. Just before high school, I distinctly converted from following atheism to following Jesus Christ, and my mind and heart have changed sides on several issues as I learned new information.

The journey toward a cohesive and comprehensive worldview has been joyful, challenging, and humbling. Along the way I’ve been relatively quiet until I could speak authoritatively on these matters of life. By age 30, I knew I had come around to a full understanding of the accurate big picture; however, the truth cannot be communicated and heard in ideological, concrete terms like 2+2=4. The results revealed to me a deep need for personal character growth, habit formation, and relationships before I could communicate aspects of the whole truth accurately and authoritatively. I am still engaged in that season of work of personal and family growth.

Once God revealed to me at age 13 that He is real, I was floored by the power of self-deception to trap oneself by one’s own power, accompanied by culture, in a perspective, heart preferences, and belief, speech, and behavior patterns that reinforce a cage that a person cannot escape from by one’s own will, yet he has the sole responsibility and ability to do so. I didn’t know what to do about that problem then, but all I knew to do was to learn as much as possible about this God who saved me from it. I wanted to know about Him not only through what the church said, but through history, science, math, literature, and all the stuff of life, because if He was God of anything, He had to be God of all. And to be honest, God and His ways and creation were all making sense together right away.

Academics and classical/jazz music performance dominated my time in those formative years. I transitioned out of specializing in either when I chose to attend college at Oral Roberts University, which I selected because the culture and heritage were so different from the one where Jesus made Himself known to me. There was much to learn about God. I had never heard of a “charismatic” Christian before visiting ORU, and once I got past the “This teaching is heretical!” reaction, I knew these people really were my brothers and sisters in Christ from whom I had much to learn. Within a month of attending and highlighting every single course in the course catalog I wanted to take (7 majors! 11 minors!), I chose a radical departure from my past to complete a degree in multimedia production, for the simple reason that once I figured out the whole truth, I would need to know these tools the world used to proliferate ideas. What if C.S. Lewis could not only write books, but also make movies, video games, and whatever other media we would invent in the future? That’s the kind of man I wanted to become. I graduated ORU with a degree in multimedia and 3 minors in music, Christian philosophy, literary writing, and an “almost minor” in mathematics that I came to ORU with, since my high school teachers afforded me the opportunity to complete Calculus 1-3 and Differential Equations by age 17.

A pursuit of truth

Start of a Journey

God also provided in those college years Janice, my wife, and a self-taught expertise in the emerging tech of VR data collection. Soon after graduation and marriage, God set me up teaching multimedia, communication, and missions at ORU, and then directed me to leave and start a virtual tour business in 2008. For the next seven years, He used this new change of direction into the business world to mold my character, develop skills in building organizations, and teach lessons on topics like marriage/ministry balance, entrepreneurial hussle, and living on the edge of God’s reliable financial provision vs. poverty.

In 2011, Janice and I met a spiritual hero and mentor and began volunteering in Favor of God Ministries, an indigenous missions organized founded in war in northern Uganda. Within a year, I reached a point of giving up on my failing business, only to see God resurrect it by His own hand, then soon after a burglary wiped out our savings and work from the previous business, and my mother-in-law and Janice’s best friend, Linda, passed away too early at age 50. Through these trials and more since, Janice and I have personally witnessed God’s miraculous hand at work after we made decisions to entirely place our lives in His hands and materially participate in His agenda rather than our own.

God has placed in us lessons that could form many books. Please feel free to ask me about the time we moved out of our house to live in Uganda for a few months, or when we arrived at the airport without the money needed to pay for the additional luggage fees, seeing God turn water into wine in our home, or devoting the virtual tour business to a secret Sabbath year of not working on the company at all and donating all revenue to charity. We have stories, and I’d love to hear yours.

Janice and I do everything together working from home, and when you work with one of us, you get both of us. She has a calling to impact lives through the worlds of film, prayer, and healing. You can read more about her at

The central character of my life and career is God, and I won’t commit to a project or organization without Him. His Kingdom is my business, and I am done settling for working on anything less. As a freelancer, I offer a variety of skills and knowledge to achieve a focused result growing a Kingdom-minded organization or project. I can serve as a generalist to fill in temporary gaps in multiple disciplines wherever you need a trustworthy steward and person who can gel with various kinds of people.

Would you like to share with me how others can pray and assist in the vision God has placed on your heart? Perhaps we can walk and work together, or I can pray strategically into your situation, or connect you with the right people. Do you have any ideas now you would like to discuss?

Ready to Work

What I am Working on Now

If the Kingdom is your business, and this website resonates with you, let’s…


I am Seeking

The following opportunities are helpful for real and current efforts right now to change lives.

If you know a servant of God with a heart for or active engagement with any of the following, please let me know, and I will report back how the referral resulted.

South Sudan & Uganda

Individuals & Orgs with a heart for the people of these two nations and Darfur, for Muslim evangelism, for suppressing the occult, or for ending civil war.

Funders & Senders

Individuals & Orgs seeking access to reputable ministers on the front lines of geographic and cultural battlegrounds. Get linked to leaders of Kingdom investments.


Motion Graphic Artist

An individual willing to partner to produce some compelling messages that need to be shared online pronto.

Personal Assistant/Data Intern

Individuals & Orgs aware of a person with the calling and capacity to help my wife and I in a helps ministry supporting a variety of causes on God's heart.


Prophetic Painters & Illustrators

There is a gap in current creation of genuine visual representation of what the Holy Spirit is showing the church, and this gift needs to be supported for upcoming works. 

Organization Builders

Individuals & Orgs with a capacity to organize people, systems, and resources around a Kingdom vision.

Filmmaking & Visual Storytelling

Individuals & Orgs who are engaged in producing quality works of visual storytelling art by the power of God. These artists need funding, connections, prayer, and promotion.

UMC History Experts

Individuals willing to answer questions and point to resources to ensure accurate assertions about United Methodist Church history.

Card Game Production

Individuals & Orgs with abilities or experience producing trading card games or collectible card games.

Systems Recommendations

Individuals & Orgs with solid recommendations of current software or workflows so I don't have to reinvent wheels on... 1) online photo libraries, 2) keeping data synced off Google, etc.

Prayer Movements

Individuals & Orgs with abilities or experience increasing prayerfulness among believers and unifying cities through interdenominational prayer.


Individuals & Orgs who understand that the fundamental answer to political and social issues today is a need for developing strong leaders called to reform institutions.

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