Repent, Pray, and Stand for the UMC

No matter your position of influence in the United Methodist Church, your hope in Christ is needed now.

#UMCPray = Hope

“Prayer is where the action is.” – John Wesley

The UMC Crisis is Winnable

God’s preferred future for the church is not one when one faction merely overpowers another, but it’s the surprises He works when enough leaders faithfully stand for His interests in their positions.

The Stakes are Too High to Tolerate Defeat

Merely leaving the UMC to protect your own fiefdom only punts the necessary conflict later when you are in a weaker position. The progressive spirit will not tolerate any outcome less than the annihilation of the historic Christian faith in the public square.

Jesus is the Way Forward

The way forward for the UMC is not an option, a commission, or a vote. The answers to these strategic questions come only after we have stood and fought on the foundation of prayer.

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God’s Clarion Call to Repent

God’s Clarion Call to Repent

If the UMC cannot clearly and lovingly put this issue to rest, then we’re not capable of doing anything else by God’s power. This crisis occurring in our own house where we have the most authority is elementary compared to the battles we’re born to win in the kingdom of darkness. Playtime is over. It’s time for Methodists to shout like David, “Who is this uncircumcised Philistine, that he should defy the armies of the living God?”

Cowardice is as much a sin as homosexuality. Running from battle is as much a sin as murder. “Whoever is slack in his work is a brother to him who destroys.” Poor stewardship of our leadership responsibilities is equal to one who intentionally leads others astray.

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A Retreating Bulwark Allows Bullies to Reign

A Retreating Bulwark Allows Bullies to Reign

Protecting my immediate interests before investing in the renewal of the church might seem prudent, but prudence is not a listed fruit of the Holy Spirit. My own life and my closest friends might turn out to be fine, but that never was the point of being the church anyway.

At stake are the souls of the retreating bulwark of traditionalist leaders, the bully allowed to reign, and the vast innocents exposed to the dangers of the bully. This battle is not about one human “side” “winning” over the other. God uses conflict for growth on both sides, but retreat on the part of God’s people fuels death on both sides. Were you not placed here to testify to the reality of the Gospel in this generation?

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Repenting of the Core Issue

Repenting of the Core Issue

After a long chain of events, ultimately all of us are responsible for this wrenching halt in the work of God’s Kingdom through the UMC. I am responsible for this mess, and I am required to fight at my expense to see God graciously pick up the pieces and make something beautiful, whole, and useful again. Being a disciple of Jesus Christ is inherently a leadership issue. Not many are calling for repentance because we’re not living holy lives ourselves. We must repent for taking actions to protect our interests and let collapse God’s interests in preventing the imminent demise of many people.

The key action to the UMC’s victory is not teaching “our side” better, but prayer and repentance. And the key issue of repentance in this battle in not for what we are as humans, but for leaderlessness of who we are individually and corporately in Christ.

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A Full-Scaled Investment into Organized Retreat

A Full-Scaled Investment into Organized Retreat

…I stood up and shared my agreements with the ethos of the WCA, but then asked, “Why is the WCA preparing more for the breakup of the church than for victory?… It seems that our common spiritual enemy would be very pleased to see the noisy few kick out the faithful many. But Jesus Himself said that the gates of hell cannot prevail against His church. So if the United Methodist Church is a church of Jesus Christ, why is no one preparing for victory? Is not the UMC a church of Jesus?”

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How to Stand

How to Stand

Asking God how it is possible to “stand strong in You and in Your mighty power,” I heard Him say, “Put Me on!”

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If the Kingdom is your business, and this website resonates with you, let’s…


I am Seeking

The following opportunities are helpful for real and current efforts right now to change lives.

If you know a servant of God with a heart for or active engagement with any of the following, please let me know, and I will report back how the referral resulted.

South Sudan & Uganda

Individuals & Orgs with a heart for the people of these two nations and Darfur, for Muslim evangelism, for suppressing the occult, or for ending civil war.

Funders & Senders

Individuals & Orgs seeking access to reputable ministers on the front lines of geographic and cultural battlegrounds. Get linked to leaders of Kingdom investments.


Motion Graphic Artist

An individual willing to partner to produce some compelling messages that need to be shared online pronto.

Personal Assistant/Data Intern

Individuals & Orgs aware of a person with the calling and capacity to help my wife and I in a helps ministry supporting a variety of causes on God's heart.


Prophetic Painters & Illustrators

There is a gap in current creation of genuine visual representation of what the Holy Spirit is showing the church, and this gift needs to be supported for upcoming works. 

Organization Builders

Individuals & Orgs with a capacity to organize people, systems, and resources around a Kingdom vision.

Filmmaking & Visual Storytelling

Individuals & Orgs who are engaged in producing quality works of visual storytelling art by the power of God. These artists need funding, connections, prayer, and promotion.

UMC History Experts

Individuals willing to answer questions and point to resources to ensure accurate assertions about United Methodist Church history.

Card Game Production

Individuals & Orgs with abilities or experience producing trading card games or collectible card games.

Systems Recommendations

Individuals & Orgs with solid recommendations of current software or workflows so I don't have to reinvent wheels on... 1) online photo libraries, 2) keeping data synced off Google, etc.

Prayer Movements

Individuals & Orgs with abilities or experience increasing prayerfulness among believers and unifying cities through interdenominational prayer.


Individuals & Orgs who understand that the fundamental answer to political and social issues today is a need for developing strong leaders called to reform institutions.

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