Why I Work

My passion is to discover and share the whole truth so more people can live abundantly.

Short Bio

As a child, I thought that if humanity knew the whole truth about everything, then evil would cease. I was wrong. This journey has taught me that much more than mental and even emotional apprehension of truth is needed.

To live in congruence with reality requires repentance and conversion from something. None of us is born into right living, needing only more education to confirm our preferences or the biases of surrounding culture. We need a second birth and a fundamentally new nature to live excellently according to our original design.

I am thoroughly upset at the distance between the truth and what the world taught me growing up. Now I work to ensure fewer and fewer people needlessly live in deception. Jesus came that we might have life, and life abundantly.

Setting the Course

  • Pursued passion to discover the whole truth about everything and share it.
  • Converted from atheism to Christianity as a result of God’s initiative.
  • Grew up academic, but chose multimedia training in college to share ideas. Later added real-world business learning.

Building Roots

  • Chose a college far from home and foreign to my upbringing to learn more about God.
  • Married by God’s arrangement and against my better judgment – a spectacular decision that keeps giving.
  • Humbled by failure of my best plans and efforts in business, which led to closer abiding in Jesus.

Current Season

  • Serving from the U.S. in an overseas, Acts-like missions movement while running a “tent-making” business.
  • Feel at home in, yet simultaneously different from, American cultural Christianity and denominations.
  • Currently seeking Kingdom partnerships to prayerfully advance visions we share.

Heroes I Admire

The most famous person I’ve met is Neil Armstrong (funny story), but these heroes are the ones I want to personally emulate. They have impacted the world is deep, life-giving ways and fruitfully run a faithful race from beginning to end.

One with God the Father since the beginning, nothing was created without Him, demonstrated the love and character of God in the flesh, is God in the flesh, gave His life willingly to reconcile humanity to Himself and restore creation, and Lord of lords and King of kings. Jesus is definitely worth your attention.

Jesus | King, Creator, and Savior of the Universe

David and Mart Green, founders of Hobby Lobby and Mardel, respectively, represent an incredible family and generations of faithfulness that has impacted millions of people who don’t know their names. They have multiplied finances and business connections to save or start countless organizations that are changing the world daily.

The Green Family | Wise Stewards Building World-Changing Orgs

Watchman Nee clearly apprehended -at a young age – what God says about human sanctification, arguably one of the most important topics receiving the least discussion. He lived what he learned, resulting in the founding of 400 vibrant house churches in China, the predecessors of today’s millions of believers transforming the world.

Watchman Nee | Incisive Writer and Self-Sacrificing Pioneer

Called to two great objects and blessed with incredible opportunities, William Wilberforce led a movement that persuaded a nation to abolish legal slavery of its own will for the first time in history, and also moved the minds and hearts of the aristocracy to truly love God and value virtue. The movement that followed his life founded the Victorian Era.

William Wilberforce | Abolitionist Legislator & Cultural Reformer

Carole carries the passion, accuracy, and miracles of the great heroes of old into today. If Jesus were here in the flesh with an email address you could write to, the conversation you’d have might look like one you’d have with her. Very rare individual exercising all the recorded gifts of the Spirit whose life I’d like to see multiplied everywhere.

Carole Ward | Zealous Missions Leader

Like Socrates, Francis Schaeffer thought deeply about the fundamental issues of life and put his ideas to the test face-to-face with the hurt, the lost, and those who disagreed with him, even hosting truth-seekers in his own home. As a full intellectual, he addressed cultural developments among all the disciplines. He popularized the word and concept of “worldview” we rely on today.

Francis Schaeffer | Truth-Loving Intellectual

Aimee McPherson is a model of evangelism and cultural change in any era. Due to a fiery personal devotion to Jesus and single-minded simplicity on sharing Him at all costs, her messages impacted millions of people. She was the first major Christian representative who fought opposition from western modernism and helped set the battle lines that would be fought over the next 100 years.

Aimee Semple McPherson | Bold Evangelist & Culture Warrior

Francis was born into aristocracy, dreamed of war and glory, and responded faithfully to a heavenly call on his life when he gave it all up to live in poverty with God. This man who owned nothing in the world and lived open to the elements possessed incredible authority and joy to reform the religious and political realms of his day. Fearing nothing but God, he risked his life to share Jesus with the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire in wartime.

Francis of Assisi | Prayer Warrior & Church Reformer

To me, though I am the very least of all the saints, this grace was given, to preach to the Gentiles the unsearchable riches of Christ, and to bring to light for everyone what is the plan of the mystery hidden for ages in God who created all things, so that through the church the manifold wisdom of God might now be made known to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly places.
Letter to the Ephesians, 3:8-10

If the Kingdom is your business, and this website resonates with you, let’s…


I am Seeking

The following opportunities are helpful for real and current efforts right now to change lives.

If you know a servant of God with a heart for or active engagement with any of the following, please let me know, and I will report back how the referral resulted.

South Sudan & Uganda

Individuals & Orgs with a heart for the people of these two nations and Darfur, for Muslim evangelism, for suppressing the occult, or for ending civil war.

Funders & Senders

Individuals & Orgs seeking access to reputable ministers on the front lines of geographic and cultural battlegrounds. Get linked to leaders of Kingdom investments.


Motion Graphic Artist

An individual willing to partner to produce some compelling messages that need to be shared online pronto.

Personal Assistant/Data Intern

Individuals & Orgs aware of a person with the calling and capacity to help my wife and I in a helps ministry supporting a variety of causes on God's heart.


Prophetic Painters & Illustrators

There is a gap in current creation of genuine visual representation of what the Holy Spirit is showing the church, and this gift needs to be supported for upcoming works. 

Organization Builders

Individuals & Orgs with a capacity to organize people, systems, and resources around a Kingdom vision.

Filmmaking & Visual Storytelling

Individuals & Orgs who are engaged in producing quality works of visual storytelling art by the power of God. These artists need funding, connections, prayer, and promotion.

UMC History Experts

Individuals willing to answer questions and point to resources to ensure accurate assertions about United Methodist Church history.

Card Game Production

Individuals & Orgs with abilities or experience producing trading card games or collectible card games.

Systems Recommendations

Individuals & Orgs with solid recommendations of current software or workflows so I don't have to reinvent wheels on... 1) online photo libraries, 2) keeping data synced off Google, etc.

Prayer Movements

Individuals & Orgs with abilities or experience increasing prayerfulness among believers and unifying cities through interdenominational prayer.


Individuals & Orgs who understand that the fundamental answer to political and social issues today is a need for developing strong leaders called to reform institutions.

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